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Riogen develops technology to address global challenges in energy and environment through innovative catalysis. We also develop and market advanced catalysts for applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, environmental and water purification industries. Our organization is committed to delivering high performance catalysts to meet challenges in real world applications.

We provide a range of supported noble and transition metal catalysts having high surface area and performance using alumina, carbon, silica, silica-alumina, titania, zirconia, ceria and zeolite supports. In addition to various ion-exchanged zeolites and solid acids, we also supply catalyst columns or packed columns which find applications in reactive distillation catalysis, conventional fixed bed catalytic reactions, adsorption and separation technologies etc.

We have the unique platform of supplying various heterogeneous catalysts in different shapes and dimensions ranging from powders- pellets-spheres-hallow cylinders-holed cylinders-trilobes-quadrulobes-penta rings etc. to meet requirements at research, bench-top, pilot-plant and industrial levels in gram-to-kilogram-to-tonne scale (CSTR, fixed bed and RDC applications). In addition to the standard sizes and shapes, we also undertake custom size as well as shape developments.

We have been developing ‘Process catalysts’ for some specific applications (check under ‘Products’). Most of them are available in different structures/shapes.

In addition, we also provide noble metal or precious metal salts in gram-kg-ton scale (check under ‘Products’) which are used as catalysts directly (Purity >99%).

All our catalysts are produced and tested in USA. These catalysts are characterized for quality analysis. We produce all products from high purity starting components and hence the purity of the catalyst will be very high.

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