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We have an experienced and dedicated team who continuously work towards developing advanced catalyst materials having high surface area and excellent performance. Our R&D team consists of scientists and engineers with nearly 30 yrs of experience in industrial catalysis and processes. 

With the establishment of the modern material science and catalysis facility and networking with the leading catalysis experts, we offer the following services:

  • Custom catalyst development
  • Catalytic process development
  • High temperature and high pressure catalysis
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Industrial contract research
  • R&D Consultancy
Custom catalysts development: 

We undertake the development of custom- or tailor- made catalysts as needed by the customers. Catalyst development is an important area of  Riogen which requires critical skills and comprehensive knowledge on the industrial catalysis. These challenging requirements are addressed through the development of catalysts with promoters and inhibitors for a particular reaction to enhance catalyst efficiency, yield, selectivity, turn-over rate, stability, effect of poisons/inhibitors, coking, stress tests, catalysts life time, recovery etc. 

If you require any services, please contact us at